Blue Ridge Singers’ Student Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are available!


The mission of the Student Scholarship Fund is to educate young people in music and the arts by helping them participate in Blue Ridge Singers’ rehearsals and performances.


The function of this scholarship fund is to waive the membership dues and purchase music, concert attire and a folder for singers accepted into the choir who are high school or undergraduate college students based on financial need.


Prospective recipients of the scholarship have already been auditioned by the artistic director and admitted to the choir.  An interested individual who is a high school or undergraduate college student should complete and submit the application materials through our website.  Applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of members of the board, who will determine whether to recommend a scholarship award for that individual to the full board.


The vision of the fund is to provide financial aid to young people who want to sing in the choir but who are otherwise unable to afford to join.


Prospective recipients must apply for the scholarship by October 1 for the fall semester or February 1 for the spring semester.


In order for scholarship recipients to maintain eligibility for this scholarship, they must be members in good standing, be enrolled in a school or college, demonstrate financial need, and actively participate in choir activities. Recipients may not be family relatives of current board members.  Recipients may apply for no more than four semesters.  Students are required supply a recommendation.  In the case of high school students or students under age 18, the parents and the student should sign the application and the award agreement.


The award is made based on financial need, the availability of funds, the musical qualifications of the applicant,
and the time frame of his/her participation.  It is given to individuals who have already auditioned and been accepted into the choir.
Please Note:  Priority will be given to students who commit to sing for two consecutive semesters.